Sunday, January 17, 2010


"It tastes pathetic"

かなしい あじ が する
kanashii aji ga suru

Hi, everyone. Are you still reading my blog? Thank you!

Today's phrase is about the sandwich I made for my lunch. I used avocado, but it did not taste great. Plus, I did not like the bread (it was my husband's choice.) Anyway, I thought it was pathetic to eat the soggy sandwich without any meat (I was out of lunch meat.) I felt bad for my husband who had the same sandwich for his lunch. But you know what, he loved it! That is so typical for us. He likes what I don't like, and does not like what I like! If you are single, you should know this. This is the REALTY. You cannot agree on everything with your spouse. But, if you still want to be with him or her, I think the marriage is real too.


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