Friday, January 29, 2010


"I wanted to make a soup, but it became a pasta dish"

スープをつくる つもり が、パスタりょうり に なった
suupu wo tsukuru tsumori ga, pasuta ryouri ni natta

Is this pathetic? Yesterday, I went to a grocery store and found a cooking book. I wanted to make a soup in the book, so got all ingrediants. Usually I tend to put more vegetables than I am supposed to (but that's a good thing, right?) And I put whole package of "uncooked small elbow macaroni" (I didn't even know how much I was supposed to add. Just too lazy to check the cooking book.) By the time my husband I start eating, the macaroni absorbed all liquid. It was not a soup. It was a pasta dish. But it was still good! My husband loved it!

Polite form: (Sorry, I tend to forget this.)

By the way, do you know how Japanese people eat "macaroni"? We put "mayonnaise"!


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