Sunday, January 3, 2010


"I did not know George Clooney was living in Omaha"

jo-ji kuru-ni- ga omaha ni sundeiru towa shiranakatta

It is a little long as my title. I just watched George Clooney's movie "Up in the Air" yesterday. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska for 43 days a year, and travels all others days. I went to University of Nebraska at Omaha, so lived in Omaha for a long time. I was happy to see my American hometown. The airport, the downtown and the view from the sky. These are very familiar to me. I don't know why the directer chose Omaha as the place his company exists. Maybe he is from the Midwest. George Clooney's character is like a business man in NY. But after the movie, I appreciated that I have a husband living with me. It is that kind of movie, I think.

The polite form: ジョージ・クルーニーが、オマハに住んでいるとは、知りませんでした。


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