Sunday, November 29, 2009

それなら、話は違う (それなら、はなし は ちがう)sorenara hanashi wa chigau

"That makes a difference"

Yesterday was the Black Friday! My first Black Friday was 2 years ago. I really enjoyed it but I did not go last year. So this year, I decided to go to Black Friday, but of course, I was still tired whe the alarm went off!
"Well, we don't have to go to Black Friday."
"Lazy! JCPenny is doing 60% off."
What! それなら、話は違う!I got up from my bed, of course. I am glad I did. We went to JCPenny and Walmart, and had a breakfast at McDonalds. It was a good day. You should try it too!


Thursday, November 26, 2009



"That's not fun"

I got home from work and my husband is tired.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"How did you know?"

nande shitteruno?

Last night, after he got home from work, my husband asked me, "Did you take a nap today?" Well, I fell asleep before he came home.
"Because you are working out."
Well, you know me very well.

Polite Form: なぜ、知っているのですか?


Thursday, November 19, 2009


"Is that your best friend now?"

いまじゃ、いちばん の 親友ってわけ?
imaja ichiban no shinyuu tte wake?

I bought a Spanish textbook for my husband long time ago. But he did not study it at that time. Today, he was thinking "what is a warehouse in Spanish?" He could not remember it. I saw the box of the Spanish textbook on his desk and said, "You know what, there is a dictionary in this box." Although he could not find the word in the dictionary, he was reading the Spanish examples in the book.

Polite form:

I think I should explain わけ but I am too tired! Sorry, maybe next time!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


"Books remain"

hon wa, nokoru

I cleaned my office. There was a lot of papers, notes, and copies of internet which I thought important. But you know what, I throw away most of them. There were lots of, lots of small pieces of notes I wrote down very quickly. I do not even recognize what it means now. "What't the hell is this number?" "Who the hell is that?" "I don't care!" But you know what, I keep books. Books have something more. Right now, there is a linguistics textbook I really loved (I majored in linguistics.) "English Grammar, Prescriptive, Descriptive, Generative, Performance." Probably this book does not mean anything to many people. But I have a lot of memory with this. Books remain. That is what I like about writing books. I hope I can write a lot of books which many people make memories with.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


"I will be back soon!"

sugu modorukara

We got the movie "Duplicity" tonight. But I really wanted to update this blog! So I said this phrase to my husband. Sorry, I've got to go!.

Polite form:

Okay, "kara" literally means "because." So it literally means "because I will be back soon," but does not have the next sentence. It sounds a little strange in English, but it is VERY natural in Japanese. It is like, "I will be back soon, so please wait for me" or "Please be patient." The last part is cut, so you are supposed to take a guess. This kind of expression includes something more. You see what I mean? I hope you do, "Because I've got to go!"


Sunday, November 8, 2009


"I will crash your party"

paatei ni oshikakeru yo

I heard one of my friends was having a party today. Because I did not talked to her directly about the party, I left a message in her answering machine before I left my house. Fortunately, she welcomed me when I showed up.

The polite form is パーティーに押しかけます。


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"It's better than the worst day"

さいあく の ひ より、まし
saiaku no hi yori mashi

I know this is excuse, but my husband works late. So I stay up late. So I gets the office late. My company is very flexible, so nobody cares, but I feel guilty for being the last one to get the office everyday. When I get the parking lot, I always check the time in my car and say this phrase to myself.

最悪 (saiaku) is "the worst". "Mashi" sounds like "it is better but not great." I mean if I get to the office at 9:58 instead of 10:00 am which is my latest record, that is まし. You see what I mean?

I actually got a question for you. I noticed that Chinese speaking people are reading this blog too. (Thank you!) Is 最悪 also "the worst" in Chinese? That would be very interesting.