Monday, January 4, 2010


"What should I do!"


During this Christmas season, we had a lot of snow in the midwest. I did not drive my car for 4 days because of the weather. But after the weekend, I had to go back to work. Actually, Monday was okay, but the next day, I got stuck on the street in front of our house. Our house is on a hill, so it was very hard to go up the hill. I got stuck in the snow and saw a car behind me!! どうしよう~!I got out of my car, and talked to the driver. He said to help me. I grabbed a snow shovel from our front yard, and returned to my car. In a meanwhile, another neighbor came to rescue me. And then another one. We shoveled the snow for a while, and I started my car again with three men pushing my car! I finally made it to up the hill. THANK YOU!! You guys are my heros!


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