Monday, March 1, 2010


"Your personality is from your dad"

あなた の せいかく は、ちちおや ゆずり
anata no seikaku wa chichioya yuzuri

If you read my blog "What My American Husband Said" (アメリカ人夫の一言), you already know this. My husband went to his dad's house. I called him when I was done with my cooking. I made his favorite "Ebimayo" (shrimp with mayonaise, by the way, it is REALLY GOOD!) He yelled "I am on my way!" and got home even before I finished the dishes. BUT! He forgot to bring our dog Bojo from his dad's house! So he returned there after the dinner. When he got home again, he said, "look! There is something on Bojo." I looked at Bojo and found a note under his color. Here is what it said.

Hey Mom,

Dad left me with a stranger. I'm frightened. HELP!!!


Isn't that funny? So I learned my husband's personality is actually from his dad.


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