Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"From today, your name is Hachi"

きょう から、あなた の なまえ は ハチ
kyou kara anata no namae wa hachi

Do you know the movie "Hachi"? Oh, you have to watch it. It is based on a true Japanese story! I do not think it was played in American theaters, but it is an American movie, stared by Richard Gere. Hachi is a dog who went to a train station every morning and evening to see his owner (in this movie, it is Richard Gere.) When Richard Gere goes to work, Hachi goes to the station with him. And in the evening, when Richard Gere gets to his hometown station, Hachi is waiting for him. But the amazing thing in this story is that Hachi was waiting for him even after Richard Gere's character's death. I think in this movie, Hachi continued more than 10 years until his own death. This movie is about the loyalty of a dog. Please watch the traler below. It is English.


And here is the Japanese official site.


Anyway, today's phrase is what I said to my dog Bojo.


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