Thursday, March 11, 2010


"I'm happy!"


If you are a man, I do not recommend to use it. It sounds too cute. But it does not mean you should not know it. It is my philosophy. When I just came to the United States (it is a long time ago), somebody American woman said, "oh, you don't have to know it," when I asked her to tell me the definition of "bitch"! For the record, I did not know what it means at all. Anyway, the woman thought I do not have to know what "bitch" means. WRONG!! Is there any day you could never ever hear the word? ZERO! How can you tell an adult woman that she does not have to know a word you hear hundreds of times a day? Do you think I am not intelligent enough to understand it? I think it is an insult! Especially beginning of my American life, I saw tons of people (American people) who do not know that foreigners who do not speak English very well can be very smart. "She does not even speak English!" is a very common expression in America (Sorry, I still have some feelings toward this!) But it does not mean the person does not have a brain! Anyway, that is why I never say "Oh, you should not know it!" What I am saying is that you need to know everything even if you don't use the word. Trust me, this is so true. SO, Men should know what "ルンルン" means although I do not recommend to use it!

Why did I say this word? Because I made "mashed potatoes" today. I was so proud of myself. Mashed potatoes sounds so homey to me. So that is why I was ルンルン!

Do you know the best way to study a foreign language? Watch a movie or TV show millions of times until the whole entire script is tatooed in your brain! You have to say it with actors. Try to say it as similar as you can. You do not have to know the meaning of what you are saying but pronounce it! That's how I learned speaking English.



  1. so what exactly does runrun mean?

  2. My turtle's name is ルンルン!Please check my post with her photo:

    Rather than "Run-Run". I think ルンルン is more clearly written in English alphabet as "Lun-Lun" (or even "Loon-Loon")!