Monday, February 22, 2010


"Unconditional love"

むじょうけんな あい
mujyoukenna ai

Recently I found the TV show called "Prison Wives." Wow, they are incredible. I watched 4 episodes and 3 of them got married to a man in prison. They had never met each other before he went to prison. These women chose to marry a man in prison! Can you believe it? And all of the husbands got a life in prison. So basically they can never get out of the prison. But the women dedicate their lives to the men. Whenever he is transfered, she moves to follow him. There are many cars in front of the prison at Friday night. Do you know why? The prison wives stay in their car to get in a line next morning. They sleep in the car, change and put makeup in the very early morning, and go to the prison. It is a date for them. The wives look so happy after they met their husbands. Isn't that incredible? The man cannot do anything for her, but she loves him so much! I know their situation is not the most fortunate, but if you can have that much passion, you are a happy person, I think. Anyway, check their website below!



  1. wow. power of love or something like that i guess :)though, it's quite strange - do they really get to know those guys? really? i understand that love doesnt necessary need Knowing, but marriage?
    i suppose i'm oldfashioned a little :)

  2. I guess most of them do not have physically intimate relationship. One of the couples is trying to get the leagal right to have husband's sperm so they can have a baby. But I believe they do know each other. People can do crazy things when they have to!