Sunday, September 27, 2009


"I will use my slow cooker more often"

Japanese people do not use a slow cooker so often. I think it is very limited to buy a slow cooker in Japan. At least I have never seen it there. Several years ago, I think it was before Christmas, my husband bought a slow cooker. But we did not use it for a long time. But one day, I thought it is good for cooking frozen meat. Sometimes I buy big chunks of meat on sale and froze them. But it is hard to cut frozen meat. So I thought I can just slow cook them and make stew or curry. So I started using my slow cooker. Recently, I saw a commercial of McCormic's "Slow Cooker" seasoning. It looked good! So that's why I said today's phrase.

使おう(つかおう) is the intention form of 使う(つかう)or "to use." I wrote about this form in my book "Speak Like Native Speakers Japanese Verb Conjugation I." My book says, "This expression tells the speaker's intention to take an action, for example, 'I will go home.' When used in plain form, it is often considered that the speaker is talking to him or herself" (117). Yeah, I was right! I was talking to myself with this phrase too.

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