Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"I am a good wife!"

This is totally the world of 自己満足(じこまんぞく)or self-satisfaction. I saw the commercial that the chairman of Iron Chef America, Mark Dacascos will be on "Dancing with Stars." I wanted to watch it but I had to go to somewhere when the show would be on. I tried to tibo as usual but the TV screen said that Heros (MY HUSBAND's Show) was scheduled at the same time. Okay, I got two options:
A: tibo my show "Dancing with Stars,"
B: tibo MY HUSBAND's show "Heros."
Technically I could choose A since he was not around, but I know he loves the show so much, so I chose B. So that is why I said today's phrase to myself.

But in Japanese, you don't say this kind of language so often. You have to have the circumstance that people understand this is a joke. First of all, you don't call yourself 奥さん(おくさん). 奥さん is somebody's wife, not yourself, even if you are a wife. If you want to call yourself or your wife "a wife," use 妻(つま). So "my wife" is 私の妻. Don't say 私の奥さん unless you are talking to your close friends.

Japanese people don't praise themselves. If you say 私って、いい奥さんだわ very seriously, people think you are not a good wife. I know this is my word, I said this. But I was talking to myself, it is just a joke.


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