Monday, October 19, 2009


"Look at the right side"
migiwo, mitekudasai

I noticed that I got some comments! I did not know that! It is very nice to see the feedback. I really appreciate that!

One of the comments said that he wants me to show the pronunciation. I understand everyone has different level of studying Japanese, so I decided to write Romaji. I hope that would help you.

Anyway, today's phrase is about the right side of this blog! Have you noticed I added new section, "Easy Japanese Verb Conjugation, Learn the Native Speakers' Verb Conjugation!" You know what, this is really great. I wrote the verb conjugation Japanese native speakers learn in their high school. This is different from your textbook. Trust me, what I wrote is way more effective, logical and easy! And you will need to know it anyway if you want to speak Japanese like a native speaker. It will train your brain to think like a native speaker when you speak Japanese.

When I was studying linguistics in American college, I observed Japanese classes and noticed that the verb conjugation taught to non-native speakers is different from what I learned in Japanese school. You know why? Because they (Your Japanese teachers) do not believe you can understand it! That is SUPER ridiculous! I can say that to anybody (even the authorities of Japanese language education!) because I did research. More than 80% of my interviewees said native speaker's way is easier than non-native speakers' way! I tutored 16 year old American high school student with native speakers' way. She had NO PROBLEM to understand it! It is ridiculous to hide it from you. So I wrote the book "Speak Like Native Speakers Japanese Verb Conjugation I." I am pretty much sure this is the first English book to write about Japanese verb conjugation in native speakers' way. At least I have never seen it. At the top of right section of this blog, I explained the native speakers' conjugation. Just check it out. It is really worth it!



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  2. Now I can read your Romaji and it does help :) Arigato!