Monday, October 5, 2009


"You got the job!"

My friend got laid off. She was lookign for a job and took an interview last week. I met her today. So I asked her about the interview.
"I will start the job tomorrow."
So that's why I said this phrase.

You know it is hard to say "this is the polite form" sometimes. You can trasnlate it to many different ways. Here are the examples.

仕事が決まったのですね。(しごとがきまったのですね。)(A little sounds written to me though. Like a phrase in a drama script. Japanese written language is a little different from spoken language. So when people write a conversation, there is a gap. I think that is why it sounds a little strange sometimes.)

仕事が決まったんですね。(しごとがきまったんですね。)(It is more natural to me.)

You hear the word "polite form" in Japanese. You know what decide whether it is a polite form or plain form? It is the verb. Verbs tell you the relationship between a speaker and a listner, man or woman, public speech or private speech or many other aspects.

Okay, I am a woman. I speak like a woman. 仕事、決まったのね!sounds feminine. 仕事、決まったんだ! is acceptable for both a man and a woman, I think.

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