Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"It's better than the worst day"

さいあく の ひ より、まし
saiaku no hi yori mashi

I know this is excuse, but my husband works late. So I stay up late. So I gets the office late. My company is very flexible, so nobody cares, but I feel guilty for being the last one to get the office everyday. When I get the parking lot, I always check the time in my car and say this phrase to myself.

最悪 (saiaku) is "the worst". "Mashi" sounds like "it is better but not great." I mean if I get to the office at 9:58 instead of 10:00 am which is my latest record, that is まし. You see what I mean?

I actually got a question for you. I noticed that Chinese speaking people are reading this blog too. (Thank you!) Is 最悪 also "the worst" in Chinese? That would be very interesting.


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